Finance Division, Ministry of Finance Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh
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Last updated: 7th June 2018

Budget in Brief_old


Budget in Brief 2018-19
Budget at a Glance
Graph - I

Non-Development and Development Budget : 2018-19 Resources Coming From

Statement - I

Broad Details of Revenue Receipts

Statement - II

Non-Development and Development Expenditure

Graph - II

Non-Development & Development Budget : 2018-19 Use of Resources (Including Subsidies and Pension)

Statement - IIA

Non-Development and Development Budget : Use of Resources

Graph - IIA

Non-Development & Development Budget : 2018-19 Use of Resources (Subsidies, Pension and Interest excluded from Sectors and shown separately)

Statement - IIB

Economic Analysis of Non-Development and Development Expenditure (Net)

Statement - III

Broad Details of Non-Development Expenditure

Graph - III

Non-Development Budget1 : 2018-19 Detail of Non-Development Expenditure

Statement - IV

Economic Analysis of No-Development Expenditure

Graph - IV

Non-Development Budget1: 2018-19 Economic Analysis of Non-Development Expenditure

Statement - V

Foreign Assistance

Statement - VIA

Loans & Advances and Other Non-Development Expenditure

Statement - VIB

Domestic Borrowing

Statement - VII

Public Accounts of the Republic

Statement - VIII

Summary of Food Account

Statement - IX

Resources for Annual Development Programme

Statement - X

Development Expenditure by Ministry / Division

Graph - V

Development Budget : 2018-19 Details of Development Expenditure

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