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Last updated: 18th May 2024

Secrecy policy

Secrecy Policy

The Government of Bangladesh and Finance Division will protect the privacy of your personal information. You can browse this website without providing your personal information. If you need to provide any information related to it, then such information will be preserved. These information may be exchanged with other government departments / agencies if required. The information that will be collected will be used only for the purpose of internal purposes, internal review and the content of the website. Your information will not be used for commercial purposes. In case of any legal requirement such as search warrants or court orders, the government of Bangladesh can disclose personal information to any person.

  • When you send an e-mail through the website, conduct a survey, provide feedback on any topic, or exchange information, the information will be stored.
  • Your information may be forwarded to other government agencies / individuals in order to provide the right answers to your questions.
  • Website users are requested to not provide the confidential information such as confidential information, passwords, credit card numbers, etc. if they are not required to fill in e-mails or forms. The cabinet division will not be compelled to misuse such information or compensate.
  • The website has been linked to other organizations of the government (Ministry, Department, Department, etc.). When you use the other sites linked with this theme at the same time, the privacy policy of the new site will be applicable.
  • Without any notice, the Cabinet Division can amend this policy at any time. These terms will apply to the information that is stored under the current   policy. If any information is collected after the change of the policy, then it must be changed through the changed policy.